Our strength & conditioning classes are designed to help every client achieve results, no matter what their level of fitness is. If you have never run before, lets make it a goal for you to run a mile… if you have never done a push up, then lets make it a goal to do ten.

Our motto is, “You don’t have to feel pain to feel good!” Our strength & conditioning classes are held in our Columbia Maryland Training Facility as well as outdoors, year round. Our programs change every session and combine calisthenics, agility, plyometrics, and other fun exercises to get you in shape. The exercises are fun and interesting and will keep you wanting to come back!

Weather you are trying to get back in shape, lose weight or just improve your overall fitness level we think you will enjoy our strength & conditioning classes. Let us help you achieve your fitness goals – The time to start is now!



Maximum Fitness

9009 Mendenhall Ct, Ste G

Columbia, Maryland

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